Adamas (Greek for Adam; Latin for of the earth; and also akin to Atom) is the universal archetype for the first man, -- which, for the purpose of this event, represents a universal archetype of spirit's emergence into the human experience.  The Serpent (Ouroboros), as conveyed in many mythologies, often represents the endless cycles of life ... as well as the temptations to be subjectively distracted by and lost into what Eastern philosophy terms as Maya, the myriad forms of creation.  To master this challenge of the human odyssey is to do what masters throughout the ages have guided us -- being, to learn to remain objective while being in this subjective experience.  

"Adamas" is the first image in The Messengers exhibit -- shown here as a work currently in progress, which Wolfe began recently in order to clearly exemplify the style and quality of design and execution that will permeate all of the archetypal portrayals of The Messengers exhibit.  This soon to be completed work will have a powerful beginning-of-creation landscape as its magnificent backdrop - and various portions of the entire image will be animated to give the sense of the art breathing with life.    Join our mailing list to see event progress updates over 2020.

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